Windows Server Systems Administrator

Windows Server Systems Administrator Overview:

A Windows system administrator provides daily support and assistance for computer systems using the Windows platform. Roles in this position include providing troubleshooting for other employees, working online or over the phone for a technical-support service, or working as part of a team of administrators. Updating and backing up all data, monitoring networks, and recommending viable solutions for problems to management are additional responsibilities. System administrators using the Windows platform need to possess strong problem solving and critical thinking skills because much of their job involves resolving issues that may arise in the network.

By completing this training path you will earn up to 67 CEUs.

Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Training Series

Course 01 - Installing Windows Servers in Host and Computer Environments
Course 02 - Implementing Local and Enterprise Storage Solutions
Course 03 - Implementing Hyper-V Virtualization
Course 04 - Implementing Windows Containers
Course 05 - Implementing High Availability
Course 06 - Maintaining and Monitoring Server Environments

Networking with Windows Server 2016 Training Series

Course 01 - Plan and Implement IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
Course 02 - Installing and Configuring DHCP
Course 03 - Installing and Configuring DNS
Course 04 - Implementing and Managing IP Address Management
Course 05 - Implementing Remote Access
Course 06 - Installing and Configuring Branch Office Networking
Course 07 - Implementing Advanced Networking Features

Identity with Windows Server 2016 Training Series

Course 01 - Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers
Course 02 - Managing Active Directory Objects
Course 03 - Securing Active Directory Domain Services
Course 04 - Working with Complex AD DS Infrastructures
Course 05 - Implementing Group Policy
Course 06 - Understanding Microsoft Azure AD and Directory Synchronization
Course 07 - Monitoring and Recovering AD DS
Course 08 - Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services
Course 09 - Implementing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
Course 10 - Implementing Active Directory Rights Management Services

Securing Windows Server 2016 Training Series

Course 01 - Introduction to Attacks, Breaches, and Detection
Course 02 - Protecting Users and Workstations
Course 03 - Managing Administrative Access
Course 04 - Configuring Anti-Malware and Patch Management
Course 05 - Auditing and Advanced Threat Analytics
Course 06 - Securing the Infrastructure
Course 07 - Configuring Data Protection
Course 08 - Advanced File Server Management
Course 09 - Securing the Network Infrastructure

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