Hands-on Practice Lab – 70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012


The 70-410 Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in Windows Server 2012. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in Configure local storage, Configure file and share access, Configure servers for remote management, Create and configure virtual machine settings, Create and configure virtual networks, Deploy and configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service, Deploy and configure DNS service, Install domain controllers, Create and manage Active Directory users and computers, Create and manage Active Directory groups and organizational units (OUs) and Create & Manage Group Policy. These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the 70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 certification exam.

Lab Learning Objectives:

  • Configure Local Storage
  • Install and Configure Servers
  • Configure Disk Pools
  • Managing Failover Clustering and Storage Pools
  • Configure File and Share Access
  • Create and Configure Virtual Machine Settings
  • Create and Configure Virtual Machine Storage
  • Create and Configure Virtual Networks
  • Configure Network Interface Card Teaming in VMs
  • Create and Managed AD Groups and OUs
  • Deploy and Configure DHCP Service
  • Configure IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
  • Create and Manage Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Deploy and Configure DNS Service
  • Configure Print and Document Services
  • Configure Security Policies
  • Install Domain Controllers
  • Configure Application Restriction Policies
  • Create Group Policy Objects
  • Install AD DS on Server Core
  • Configure Windows Firewall

Lab Features Include:

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    Practice anywhere, any time – 24/7 online access with no client software
  • Step-by-Step Instruction
    Easy to follow step-by-step instructions guide you through your practice exercises
  • Safe and Convenient Practice Environment
    Experiment and practice concepts with zero hassle and zero risk with no boundaries
  • Real Equipment in Real Time
    Access to REAL equipment with no restrictions and full administrator privileges, live in real time
  • Exam Prep
    Exercises are designed to address the questions you’ll face on your certification exam
  • Practical Experience
    The most authentic experience possible in a lab environment with real-world scenarios and exercises
  • Hands-On Interactivity
    Retain your knowledge and feel confident in your new skills by practicing as you learn
  • Pro-Active Support
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IT Support Technician

IT Support Technician Overview:

IT support technicians are responsible for finding and correcting software and hardware problems for computer users. IT support technicians need to have a wide knowledge of operating systems and networking. IT support technicians work on site or remotely by phone, email or using web-based applications.

By completing this training path you will earn up to 74 CEUs.

This Training Path, Included Free with Membership, Consists of:

  • 3 Course Series
  • 80 Individual Courses
  • 64 Hour Duration (Minimum)

CompTIA A+ 900 Certification Training Series

Course 01 – Configuring BIOS
Course 02 – Motherboards
Course 03 – Expansion Slots
Course 04 – RAM Types and Features
Course 05 – Install and Configure PC Expansion Cards
Course 06 – Install and Configure Storage Devices
Course 07 – CPU’s and Cooling Methods
Course 08 – PC Connection Interfaces
Course 09 – Power Supplies
Course 10 – Custom Computer Specifications
Course 11 – Installing Displays
Course 12 – PC Connectors
Course 13 – Installing Peripheral
Course 14 – Installing Multifunction Devices and SOHO Networks
Course 15 – Printer Technologies
Course 16 – Printer Maintenance
Course 17 – Networking
Course 18 – Properties and Characteristics of TCP/IP
Course 19 – TCP vs. UDP
Course 20 – Wi-Fi Networking Standards and Encryption Types
Course 21 – Install and Configure SOHO Wireless/Wired Router
Course 22 – Architecture and Internet Connection Types
Course 23 – Networking Tools
Course 24 – Laptop Hardware Components
Course 25 – Mobile Devices
Course 26 – Mobile Device Ports and Accessories
Course 27 – Troubleshooting Theory
Course 28 – Troubleshooting RAID Arrays and Hard Drives
Course 29 – Troubleshooting Video
Course 30 – Troubleshooting Network Issues
Course 31 – Troubleshooting Printers
Course 32 – Windows Operating Systems
Course 33 – Command Line Tools
Course 34 – Microsoft Operating System Features and Tools
Course 35 – Control Panel Utilities
Course 36 – Windows Networking on Client Desktops
Course 37 – Preventative Maintenance
Course 38 – Features and Functionality of the Mac OS and Linux Operating Systems
Course 39 – Client Side Virtualization
Course 40 – Cloud-based Concepts
Course 41 – Network Host Properties
Course 42 – Mobile Operating Systems
Course 43 – Mobile Device Network and E-mail
Course 44 – Security
Course 45 – Prevention Methods
Course 46 – Windows Security Settings
Course 47 – Security Best Practices
Course 48 – Securing Mobile Devices
Course 49 – Troubleshooting Common PC Tools
Course 50 – Common PC Security Issues
Course 51 – Common Mobile Operating Systems Troubleshooting
Course 52 – Common Safety Practices
Course 53 – Maintenance Tools and Techniques
Course 54 – Privacy and Licensing Concepts

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Series

ourse 01 – Network Theory
Course 02 – Bounded Network Media
Course 03 – Unbounded Network Media
Course 04 – Network Implementations
Course 05 – TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery
Course 06 – Routing
Course 07 – TCP/IP Services
Course 08 – WAN Infrastructure
Course 09 – Cloud and Virtualization Technologies
Course 10 – Network Security Basics
Course 11 – Preventing Security Breaches
Course 12 – Responding to Security Incidents
Course 13 – Remote Networking
Course 14 – Network Management
Course 15 – Troubleshooting Network Issues
Course 16 – Planning and Implementing a SOHO Network

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training Series

Course 01 – Security Fundamentals
Course 02 – Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Course 03 – Managing Data, Application, and Host Security
Course 04 – Implementing Network Security
Course 05 – Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management
Course 06 – Managing Certificates
Course 07 – Implementing Compliance and Operational Security
Course 08 – Risk Management
Course 09 – Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents
Course 10 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning